Business Climate Risk Management: Thriving Through Change

In a rapidly evolving business landscape, Resilience Explorer offers more than climate and hazard risk data and meeting legislative obligations – it’s your key to making agile decisions. From minimising disruptions to seizing opportunities, transform challenges into growth.

Your tool to integrate resilience and risk into your business strategy

In today’s dynamic business landscape, effective risk management is paramount. The Resilience Explorer is an essential tool for effortlessly integrating risk into your business strategy.

Our comprehensive toolkit simplifies complex processes, from meeting Climate Related Reporting requirements to aligning with national regulations like the National Adaptation Plan and the Zero Carbon Act.

3D Viewer and Physical Risk Simulation Models

Visualise risks dynamically and simulate potential scenarios for better decision making.

Easily engage your stakeholders

Export files and reports to bring your stakeholders up to speed in a fraction of the time required through typical assessments.

Stay up to date

Resilience Explorer stays up to date, so you have the confidence to make the best decisions.

Business plan development using Resilience Explorer.

Empower your business to understand how natural hazards may disrupt business

Resilience Explorer by Urban Intelligence goes beyond static GIS viewers, offering an interactive and continually updated dashboard. Comprehensive risk assessments that capture cascading impacts across infrastructure that you depend on allow you to anticipate, adapt to, and recover from potential disruptions and ongoing changes to baseline climate conditions.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments capturing their flow on effects.
  • Build physical risk information back into your business risk register and strategy.
  • Export your data and quickly report to meet your obligations.
  • Processes information to help with decision making despite uncertainties or limitations.

Powerful Features

Understand how natural hazards may disrupt your business
Access in-depth, quantitative risk analysis, including spatial view of physical risk to your assets and the infrastructure (roads, electricity, etc.) that your business depends on. Ensure your systems are designed appropriately for the future conditions.
Report your Climate Related Disclosure.
The CRD requires you to report your climate change risks. This information simplifies and enhances the process.
Inform and Track Business Initiatives
Embed risk information into your business strategy. Develop initiatives and KPIs, tracking them over time.
Identify Gaps
The Resilience Explorer systemises the data available to inform your risk and resilience planning. Understanding the gaps and uncertainties enables you to address and fill these.
Evaluate Company Physical and Transition Risk
Explore and evaluate risks based on scenarios that are data-informed and specific to your company. Develop risk charts showing physical and transition risk for different timeframes and climate scenarios.
Collaborative Edge
Foster collaboration with agencies, councils and companies for aligned decision making.
Evaluate Options
Make evidence based decisions about new investments and asset renewals – know which assets are at risk, what the critical dependencies are, how long they’re expected to stay viable, and areas that are vulnerable and require adaptation planning.
Emergency Management
Resilience Explorer shows the operational status of the infrastructure your business depends on after a major event, in real-time.
Align with council, government and other businesses
Ensure alignment on hazard and risk information with council, government agencies, and other businesses using the Resilience Explorer.

Ready to build resilience into your business?

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