Housing Providers

Empower Your Housing Strategies with Resilience Explorer

Housing is more than just shelter; it’s about creating secure, sustainable communities. With the Resilience Explorer, housing providers can tap into a wealth of research and data, ensuring that every housing decision is both future-proof and attuned to the ever-evolving challenges of climate change and natural hazards. Make informed choices, build resilient communities, and elevate the standard of living for all.

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Your tool for Climate and Hazard Risk Management

In the rapidly changing climate of our world, ensuring the resilience and sustainability of housing is paramount. The Resilience Explorer for Housing Providers serves as a pivotal tool, tailored for housing professionals who strive for excellence in sustainable and risk-aware housing solutions.

With the rising unpredictability of environmental factors, housing providers are pressed with the challenge of maintaining safety and security. Our platform dives deep into these concerns, offering actionable insights and tools that seamlessly integrate with existing workflows.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments capturing their flow on effects.
  • Build physical risk information back into your business risk register and strategy.
  • Export your data and quickly report to meet your obligations.
  • Processes information to help with decision making despite uncertainties or limitations.
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3D Viewer and Risk Simulation Models

Visualise risks dynamically and simulate potential scenarios for better decision making.

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Stay up to date

Resilience Explorer stays up to date, so you have the confidence to make the best decisions.

Collaborative Edge

Foster collaboration with agencies and companies for aligned decision making. Join a network of council users that put local government in a better position to connect with strategic public and private sector opportunities.