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Resilience Explorer for Infrastructure Providers is about maintaining service in the face of adversity and making informed decisions in future asset management plans. Anticipate and prepare for disruption, adapt to change, and enhance your emergency response – all in coordination with other agencies who depend on you.

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Your tool for Climate and Hazard Risk Management

The Resilience Explorer is your indispensable tool for fortifying infrastructure against climate and hazard risks, equipping you with the tools and insights that you need to secure your network’s future. 

Essential for Resilience in Infrastructure

In today’s landscape, effective risk management is paramount. The Resilience Explorer is an essential tool for effortlessly integrating risk into your business strategy. Our comprehensive toolkit simplifies complex processes, from meeting reporting requirements to aligning with national regulations.

  • Comprehensive risk information at the asset or network level.
  • Constantly updated asset and hazard information.
  • Actionable insights to report physical risks easily and efficiently.
  • Processes information to help with decision making despite uncertainties or limitations.
3D Viewer and Risk Simulation Models

Visualise risks dynamically and simulate potential scenarios for better decision making.

Integrates your GIS Software

Integrate your existing GIS information for enhanced workflow and continually updated information.

Stay up to date

Resilience Explorer stays up to date, so you have the confidence to make the best decisions.

Powerful Features

In-depth Quantitative Risk Analysis
Access in-depth, quantitative risk analysis, including spatial view of physical risk to your assets and the infrastructure (roads, electricity, etc.) that depend on you.
Monitor and Track Changes
Monitor and track emissions, sea level rise, weather patterns and other changing hazard and climate scenarios. Predict the operational needs of your assets for better informed long-term development, siting, and maintenance.
Location and Land Use Planning
Identify safe areas for critical facility location.
Identify safe areas for critical facility and infrastructure location.
The Resilience Explorer systemises the data available to inform your risk and resilience planning. Understanding the gaps and uncertainties enables you to address and fill these.
Test Potential Interventions
Test potential interventions and adaptation plans to see how this might change risks in your network or portfolio.
Make Evidence Based Decisions
Make evidence based decisions about new investments and asset renewals – know which assets are at risk, what the critical dependencies are, how long they’re expected to stay viable, and areas that are vulnerable and require adaptation planning.
Collaborative Edge
Foster collaboration with agencies and companies for aligned decision making. Join a network of council users that put local government in a better position to connect with strategic public and private sector opportunities.
Your Best Tool for Reporting
The Resilience Explorer gathers all the latest risk information in one place, while staying up to date with international best practice and current legislation to help with all obligations. Tailor views and tools to your needs, generating reports at any spatial scale to support your climate related disclosures, asset management plans, or board room investment discussions.
Prepare and Recover from Events
Understand and improve your vital infrastructure to prepare for and recover from disruptive events, including considerations of levels of service to communities and sustainability and replacement costs. Ensure your systems are designed appropriately for future conditions.

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