Make informed decisions in a rapidly changing environment

Resilience Explorer is a digital platform that offers intuitive geospatial mapping, visualisation of asset and network data, interactive simulations of hazard events, and risk assessments based on world-leading research.


Understand risk and resilience

Identify risk hot spots in your network or community

Visualise and report site-specific, area-specific, or an overview of risk to your infrastructure or community

Plan strategically for single and multi-hazard events both now and in the future


Plan and make informed decisions

Simulate events for emergency management preparedness

Test scenarios for effective risk reduction and adaptation

Justify interventions and future investment strategies

Empower further analysis for technical staff


Collaborate and engage effectively

Bring everyone along on the journey to building resilience 

Make aligned decisions and collaborate across teams, agencies, or organisations securely with data sensitivity permissions for different stakeholders


Report, comply, and monitor

Effortlessly generate reports

Customise dashboards that can include broader risk reporting 

Ensure compliance with legislative reporting requirements

Receive support, training, and frequent data updates throughout

Join the growing number of Resilience Explorer users

Councils, businesses, iwi, infrastructure providers, community housing, emergency management, and central government. Hear from a few of our users below.