Evidence to Navigate a Changing World

Ditch the outdated 100-page hazard and risk reports that you’ll need to repeat in a year.

The Resilience Explorer keeps you ahead with a live, regularly updated platform offering practical, immediate actions.

In today’s world, the risks associated with climate change are becoming more prominent, and there is an increasing requirement to build resilience for future weather events.

Our easy-to-use online tool offers interactive simulations and risk assessments. Just like a real-life SimCity, you can access the most up-to-date infrastructure, hazard, socio-economic, and environmental data all in one place.

Resilience Explorer makes the complex simple, helping with reporting, engaging stakeholders, and empowering you to make decisions based on world leading research for a more resilient organisation, now and in the future.

Trusted by some of the best

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A state-of-the-art tool to prepare for the future.

Created by Urban Intelligence and designed in collaboration with local government, businesses, researchers and indigenous peoples, The Resilience Explorer is backed by world-leading research and tailored to the needs of decision-makers and end-users.

  • Customisable toolkit for simulation and risk assessment.
  • Access the best available infrastructure, hazard, socio-economic and environmental data.
  • Interactive and continually updated dashboard.
  • Secure platform for
    safe data while allowing controlled sharing for collaboration.
User engaging with Resilience Explorer on a computer, displaying detailed map features for climate resilience planning.

Resilience Explorer displayed across various devices: report, mobile, tablet, and desktop.

Goes beyond traditional GIS viewers

Unlike other platforms, The Resilience Explorer offers interactive simulations that are backed by comprehensive risk research, turning your data into clear actionable insights.

  • Comprehensive risk assessments that capture cascading impacts.
  • Collaborate, share data and engage with councils, infrastructure providers, agencies, iwi, businesses, and communities.
  • Monitor and track global and local emissions, sea level rise, weather patterns, and other changing hazard scenarios.
  • Understand your threats and opportunities to confidently make important decisions.

Streamline your climate reporting obligations

The Resilience Explorer simplifies your reporting to help meet legislative requirements such as the National Adaptation Plan, Zero Carbon Act, and Resource Management reform, ensuring you address risk assessments, community support, and interventions effectively.

  • Unified and consistent decision making through consistent information.
  • Enhanced emergency preparedness through a better understanding of your systems.
  • Asset-specific risk & dependency information and organisational and portfolio reporting.
  • Test and evaluate different interventions and strategies.
Integrates with existing GIS platforms for further analysis

Export or set-up APIs to use the risk simulation outputs in your existing GIS platforms for further analysis.

Protects your data

Safeguard sensitive data while allowing controlled sharing for effective collaboration.

Comprehensive Support

Benefit from Urban Intelligence‘s expertise, training and ongoing updates for resilient outcomes.

Customisable for your organisation:

 “Proving to be a game changer. The Resilience Explorer ascribes a level of vulnerability to assets – so it operates as a risk screening tool to allow us to understand the risk profile of the district, the areas where risk is most imminent, and importantly, which assets are most vulnerable to which hazards, and over which time periods”

Jane Morgan, Principal Programme Advisor

Christchurch City Council

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